The Bannacis Multiverse


The Bannacis Multiverse is a fictional shared Multiverse where the Bannacis (anagram for cannabis) stories take place. It boasts a cast of more than 150 characters and several locations inspired by several authors.



The Bannacis Multiverse is fairly new as far as fictional worlds go. This multiverse is still young and is, thus, still developing/emerging. There used to be different currencies spent in various worlds across the Multiverse. However, a certain denizen of Bannica, known as Miles, invested in an asset called Bancoin and, thanks to a push by Hera Allebond, who is arguably the most influential denizen in The Curserealm, Bancoin became a multi-jurisdictional currency, widely accepted throughout the entire Multiverse.

Bannacis may be young and emerging, but it has undergone rapid transformation and, when compared with other franchises conceived around the same period, one might be forced to think the Bannacis Universe has been around for much longer.



The Multiverse is driven by interesting characters such as the Space Queen, Mars, Miles, Mob Boss, Alpacabowl, Medicine Woman, Bubblegum, Flimy, Cactus OG, Biodiesel, Caveman Kush, Fat Banana, Blue Rhino, Hippie Chicken, Lemon Skunk, Royal Dwarf, Green Goblin, Big Buddha Cheese, Green Rhino, Mad Scientist, Pink Flamingo, Golden Goat, Blissful Wizard, Goddess Sativa, The Elephant, Blockhead, Gorg, Weed Hopper, Ghetto Bird, Pencil Shaped Boss, Alien Inferno, Violet, Alien OG, Kush and Urkle, Trevor, Hope, the Clown Police, Panda OG, Queen of Hearts, River Flint, Purple, Isla, Skuen, Kindrick, Dark Knight, Amnesia and a host of other engrossing characters.

There are also a few groups of interesting individuals such as The Rogue Squad – comprising Arthur, Jeff, Graham, Karan, and Jay, and The Paradise Circus – comprising Horace (Granddaddy Purple, Alena (Purple Queen), Keto, Kudi, Marcus (Madcow), Lucas (Mushroom OG), Voodoo, Mathew (White Rhino), Molly (Pink Rhino) and a few others.

Hera Allebond, CEO of Bannazon, is thought to be perhaps the most powerful denizen in The Curserealm, and the entire multiverse. While there are a lot of other denizens in Bannica who are extremely wealthy and equally very influential, particularly the ones into illegal business, such as crime lords and drug cartels who wield brute force, Hera is considered more powerful because of the strides she has made through her company. Her technological innovations are employed by these other denizens, especially her space station and her space crafts. This means that if they want to do business with or in other worlds, they have to go through Hera. This is what places her above these other denizens and earned her the alias “Space Queen”.

Interestingly, there is another Space Queen out there – a real Queen who rules over an entire universe. While not much is known about her yet, this Queen has spies in almost every world; she uses these spies to spy on their respective worlds and feed her relevant information which she utilizes to make allies with noteworthy denizens of the respective world – she hardly does this – as well as steal resources where needed.

Her world is a few centuries ahead of Bannica in terms of technological advancement. However, given what Hera has managed to accomplish within a short period, it’s safe to say that the huge disparity between the two worlds will soon be a thing of the past.

One can only expect what would be the greatest rivalry of the Multiverse when these two Space Queens eventually clash.



The Multiverse comprises several Universes – at least six, with each universe having its worlds which can be likened to planets. The universes include The Twin Nebulas; Kalidocornea; The Nantaverse; The Curserealm; The Chromescape and The 50 Dreams of Lyriana.

However, Bannica, a world located in a universe known as The Curserealm, is the center of attention in this multiverse, and a larger percentage of the stories and events happen there.



The Multiverse also has a lot of fictional elements such as the universes. However, this Multiverse also draws several parallels to the real world. Bannica, for example, which is at the center of the Multiverse, has many features similar to the real world (Earth); similar personalities, similar themes (corruption, elitism, capitalism), similar crops (Cannabis sativa/weed), institutions and establishments such as the Black Market, the Circus located in Paradise City, Bannazon company, and broadcasting stations, prominent among which is the Pentagon Cable News. Pentagon Cable News is particularly popular and widely acclaimed because of its lead reporter, Ana (Strawnana), who always goes out of her way to deliver credible and timely news across the entire universe.

Moreover, the Bannacis Multiverse has some major science fiction and fantasy concepts such as advanced technology, heavenly beings, time travel, and many more. The timeline of the events which take place in the multiverse is in the future. A few of the characters mentioned above have certain abilities that make them special and valuable to their teams or bosses. A very important characteristic of this multiverse is the unusual love for weed – most of the characters consume weed, albeit with different methods, and for different reasons. For example, even though he is a radical advocate for the preservation and conservation of trees and plants, and a self-acclaimed protector of the green, Arthur believes the sole purpose of cannabis is to bring pleasure and ecstasy, and if not consumed, then it has been robbed of its purpose, which is why he smokes weed. Gazzuzz can't go a day without smoking, but he only smokes the best of the best strains. Blake does not like to smoke weed; he prefers to boil it with tea or coffee to drink, and use the residue to cook, or just chew it. Others like Molly do not care much for weed, but smoke it occasionally, nonetheless, as a way of socializing with others. As a result, many companies thrive on the production and sales of different strains of cannabis. However, some only use this as a front for hiding their real trades which include human trafficking and illegal weapons deals. One of such denizens is the infamous El Patron, whose name and reputation precedes him in the entire Bannica.