Kyana was born in the large city New York, as a child she admired the fashion and model industry. She dreamed of becoming someone that everyone could turn their eyes to, and look at her in awe. Once she turned 19, she finally made her way into the industry and became a huge hit with her fashion designs. She also was contracted with a model agency because of her beauty. With all of her sudden success she made many envious enemies. One of those enemies was a witch, she was jealous of the attention that Ryana got. She had been in the industry longer, she worked harder, so why did Ryana have the right to overshadow her? She decided to curse Ryana, and send an eldritch being after her.Ryana was walking home after a long day of modeling, her joints were stiff and tired. She was just about to unlock her apartment door, when she suddenly heard a whisper in her ear. The words were inaudible and mumbled, but it awakened fear in her nonetheless. Ryana felt something on her back, wet and heavy. A sudden sharp pain shoots in between her shoulder blades, it felt like something was ripping her back apart. Her vision started to tunnel, and she passed out. Ryana slowly starts to stir awake, her vision blurry. But she recognizes the ceiling and the comfort of the duvet cover under her, she was in her apartment. "What happened?" She thought. The last thing she remembered was going to unlock the door. She slowly sits up, her back sore and aching. She thinks it's because of her long day yesterday as her other joints were also sore. She gets up to go to the bathroom to freshen up, but once she looks in the mirror she screams in horror. She stared at her face, multiple eyes surrounded her main two, all of them red including her own. She heard a whisper "hello human" it said. She jumped and whirled around, looking everywhere to see where the voice came from. She started to hyperventilate  fearing that she was going crazy. "Calm down human, your heart rate is spiking dramatically" the voice said. Ryana started to whimper and cry in response. "Accept me human, am a part of you now in mind and body" The voice said. Ryana didn't come out of her apartment for weeks. Many missed calls and messages of worry and fear from others unresponded on her phone. The entire time she shut herself away from the world, the monster continued to whisper to her. Feeding her ideals that went against her morals. Feeding her a false sense of justice, against those envious of her. "They despise you because you're the best," it whispered. "Their envy caused your downfall, cause this, caused ME". The monster would continue to whisper to her.With a new mind, Ryana wanted to seek justice on those who wronged her. She looked at herself with a new self worth, new ego. She deserved to be the best while the others deserved to grovel at her feet. "No, they don't even deserve that" Ryana thought. "They don't deserve anything, not even to be alive". The monster on her back grinned. Ryana picked up a pair of sunglasses to cover her many eyes. She opened the door for the first time in weeks, and stepped outside.