Kuri is a unique character, an 18-year-old alligator girl with a pure heart and a gentle nature. She is the younger sister of Wani, but unlike her sibling, Kuri is known for being clumsy and often tripping over her own feet. Despite this, she approaches life with a positive attitude and a willingness to learn from her mistakes.

    One of Kuri's defining traits is her vegetarianism. She has a deep love for vegetables and prefers to only eat plant-based foods. This sets her apart from her more carnivorous sister Wani, but also shows that Kuri is unafraid to be different and follow her own path.

    In her free time, Kuri enjoys picking flowers and creating beautiful bouquets. She has a natural eye for color and composition, and takes great pride in her floral arrangements. Additionally, Kuri loves to experiment in the kitchen and create new vegetable dishes. Her passion for cooking is a reflection of her creative spirit and desire to bring joy to others.

    Overall, Kuri is a kind-hearted and unique individual who embraces her quirks and passions. Her love of nature, cooking, and creating beautiful things make her a valuable addition to any community.