Korben is a mysterious and brooding figure, with a power that comes from the shadows themselves. He hails from Shadowland, a place steeped in darkness and despair, and he wields the power of the shadow like a weapon, spreading darkness, fear, sadness, and anger wherever he goes.

Keelei, with her radiant sunshine and boundless positivity, is like a beacon of hope in Korben's world of shadows. Though he is drawn to her light, he resents it, feeling as though it is invading his world and taking away the darkness that he finds comfort in. He would rather be surrounded by the darkness, and he resents Keelei's attempts to bring him into the light.

Korben's power is both a blessing and a curse. With a touch of his shadowy hand, he can bring out the darkest parts of a person's soul, making them confront their deepest fears, their darkest desires, and their most painful losses. It's a power that he wields with relish, like a rollercoaster ride that he can't get enough of, and he takes joy in watching others confront their own darkness.

Despite his dark nature, there is something compelling about Korben. He exudes a raw power and intensity that is both frightening and alluring, and there is a sense that there is more to him than meets the eye. Perhaps, with Keelei's help, he can learn to embrace the light and find a way out of the shadows that have consumed him for so long.