Kindrick is a weird guy by all standards. He does what he wants without regard to whether it’s wrong or right, legal or illegal. He had a rough past that is unknown to most. His father was also one who lived a carefree lifestyle with no regard for rules or the law. Kindrick’s father also abused him from a young age, and would often lock him up in a cage whenever he misbehaved. This went on for long until, one day, he finally mustered the nerve to kill his father and gain his freedom.

    Buck is a character brought to life from the small bucket Kindrick’s father put in his cage which he ate and drank from. Kindrick would often go for days, even weeks without human contact, whenever his father was away on a long trip. so he eventually made friends with the bucket and named it Buck. Kindrick is a ventriloquist, and Buck is his dummy, but their relationship goes far beyond that. Perhaps, Buck is Kindrick’s alter ego and the reason he survived the years of abuse from his father.