Justus is a rebellious demon who escaped from Ferna, a fiery underworld located deep beneath the earth's surface. Ferna is a place of eternal torment, where sinners are punished for their misdeeds by being subjected to endless torture and suffering.

But Justus grew bored with the idea of torturing sinners for all eternity, and one day she decided to escape to the human world. There, she discovered the vibrant world of hip hop culture and fell in love with the dance competitions that were held.

Determined to stand out from the rest and humiliate the conceited, Justus decided to take advantage of her demonic abilities. She spent months perfecting her moves, studying the latest dance trends, and mastering the art of hip hop.

With her supernatural agility and flexibility, she quickly became a force to be reckoned with on the dance floor. But Justus didn't just want to win competitions - she wanted to dominate them.

She started using her demonic powers to enhance her performances, summoning flames and sparks to add a touch of danger and excitement to her routines. Even the most skilled human dancers were no match for her otherworldly moves.

As word of Justus's incredible dance skills and supernatural abilities spread, she became a sensation on the underground dance scene. Crowds would gather to watch her perform, and rival dancers would tremble at the thought of facing her in battle.

But Justus wasn't content to simply rule the dance world - she wanted to take it to the next level. So she started organizing her own dance competitions, inviting the best dancers from all over the world to come and compete for the ultimate prize - a chance to dance alongside the demon queen herself.