Jada is a very beautiful and kind-hearted young girl. Her parents had noticed she was quite different from other children when she started to talk and walk before her first birthday. Some masters from a secret organization approached her parents and proposed that Jada moved in with them so she can properly learn how to handle her powers. Her parents agreed to release her but not before her fourth birthday. So, from her fourth birthday, Jada moved into the temple and she quickly became the favorite disciple. She is very skilled in physical combat, while also able to blend with her environment to make herself invisible. Her life’s ambition is to serve and protect Beth as one of her close and personal guards which was why she strived to excel more than her colleagues. After Kindal went rogue, she was tasked with hunting him down and bringing him back to pay for his crimes. So now, she travels across the multiverse in search of him and wherever Kindal is, you can be sure Jada is not very far behind. Although her sole assignment is to bring Kindal back to the temple, she sometimes ignores the task to assist people who are in danger and need her help.