Hidy was a poor girl who used a cane to walk. Taking care of other's livestock for a living.
    One day of at work, she saw a golden ram drifting away into the forest. Attracted by the beauty of the animal, she followed. Along the way she got lost and tripped and fell slightly downhill. She was partially stuck in a bush of thorns so she broke free, cleared her eyes and noticed she saw herself face to face with the ram but she didn't have her staff for protection...
    Dorado, who was also injured. With a piece of his clothes, he treated the animal's wounds, and with cold and hunger, Hamal stayed asleep. When she woke up, she felt warm, she realized she had a new beautiful gold coat. She was also able to stand without a cane first time, he had a new golden leg. The magic ram had given her the power of light! From that day, guide with trails of light to those who are lost in the forest returned to its home.