Most people do not know his real name but he is famously known as Drone. A private investigator with a solid reputation across Bannica, Drone has solved several mysterious cases and takes pride in knowing that he is the best in his field. It is even rumored that the Bannica Police Force (BPF) have asked for his help a couple of times, although, neither he the BPF has confirmed nor denied the rumor. Drone doesn’t have much of a social life, as he spends most of his time working on several cases. He is not at all bothered by this – in fact, he sees it as the price to pay for his reputation. Hiring Drone to carry out an investigation doesn’t come cheap and people only resort to calling him when they have run out of options or when the situation is an urgent one. He has informants at every corner of Bannica and he pays them handsomely in return for their service. However, there are still information he can’t rely on them for, simply because they could never get access to such information. This is where Tido, his buddy in the BBF comes in.