Brad, a young, gentle introvert with a naughty, wild alter ego, Tom, who has put him in trouble on several occasions. Before Brad found out about his alter ego, he would usually notice strange events, like going to sleep some nights after having a bath, only to wake up the next morning to find himself dressed up in weird outfit, or wearing makeup, or with a black eye. It took Brad quite a while before he finally figured out that he had an alter ego and realise that, sometimes, when he’s asleep or unconscious, Tom takes over their body and do some crazy things before going back to sleep to wake up as Brad. After a Complicated period of transition, Brad is now able to communicate with Tom while he’s wide awake and both of them are finally starting to get along better – they even agree on when to switch places.



    Brad is a pretty interesting guy who works as a chef in a big hotel called “The Boulder”. Brad is an introvert, who always likes to avoid trouble or violence, in any form as he was brought up in a very peaceful environment devoid of outsiders, which made him naïve about the realities of life. However, being a chef at a hotel whose owner is linked with several underground affiliation with criminals and crime syndicates, and whose casino
    is famous for its fights, Brad was exposed to the other side of life way too quickly – perhaps, it was more than he could handle. Now, he struggles to navigate his everyday life in this completely different environment he found himself.



    Brad’s alter ego, unconsciously created by Brad, perhaps as a defense mechanism, or as a means of adaptation, to the brutal environment he has found himself. Tom is the complete opposite of Brad; he doesn’t not take shit from anybody, and is never afraid to get into trouble. Ultimately, he always watches out for Brad, even if Brad does not approve of his methods, and thanks to Tom, Brad is no longer a pushover; he now has the respect of his colleagues and even most of his superiors at work.