He grew up as a happy, brilliant boy who loved representing his school in competitions and winning trophies. After he graduated, Pugz became a data analyst and married his high school sweetheart; life, for him, was sweet. However, things took a dramatic turn when his wife was gruesomely murdered. This drove him off the edge and, in his quest for revenge, he joined the military and quickly rose through the ranks to the rank of commander, earning him the title ‘Commander Pugz’. However, when he finally found his wife’s killer, Pugz chose revenge over following orders, which led to him being imprisoned and dishonorably discharged from the military. He was approached and recruited by Gazzuzz and has been his right-hand man and leader of his mercenaries ever since. However, Pugz’s bloodthirstiness and overly high ambition might see him gunning for Gazzuzz’s spot.