Part 4

“Now, what do I do with you two? Oh! I know just the thing. Release them and bring them to my office.”

  • “Yes, boss.”
    They were released and taken to Gazzuzz’s office where he made them an offer that was very hard to refuse.
    “You two will work for me to earn me back what you stone, in multiple folds. Think of it as reparation for taking my money.”
    Rhythm knew what he meant.
    “Okay. For how long? How much do we need to help you make before we call it even?”
    “It’s going to be a lifetime of service.”
    “And I’m guessing something is going to happen to us if we refuse?” Melody asked.
    “Oh dear, you have no idea.”
    “Let us get back to you.” Rhythm said.
    “I’ll expect positive feedback tomorrow morning. And, if you try to use your powers to get away, I will find you, and I will kill you.”
    Rhythm and Melody got home and thought about it.
    “We’re screwed. We shouldn’t have taken that money.”
    ‘’Oh, so now you know we shouldn’t have taken the money.”
    “Don’t be mad. What do we do now?’’ Melody asked.
    “We work for him till we figure out how to escape from all this.”
    So, the following day, they informed Gazzuzz they would work for him as there was no way out at the moment. They worked as his dogs for a while before an opportunity to liberate themselves presented itself. Gazzuzz was going to meet with one of his business partners in Sergsdale.
    “I have an idea for our freedom, babe” Rhythm told Melody.
    “Took you long enough. So, what’s this idea.”
    “Gazzuzz wants us to go with him to Sergsdale, right? Ever since we started working for him, we never had the chance to travel with him before. He would always give orders from his office; that’s why I never suggested we use our powers here. It looks like our powers do not have any effect on him, and it appears his men now have the contingency of wearing noise-canceling earbuds.”
    “Where exactly are you going with this?” She asked
    “What if we escaped in Sergsdale?’
    “How would that happen?” Melody asked again.
    “Trust me on this one and just follow my lead.”
    “Ok, babe.”
    The day came and Gazzuzz journeyed to Sergsdale with Rhythm, Melody, and Commander Pugz, along with a few of his men; Gazzuzz made sure Rhythm and Melody rode in the same car as him. They arrived in Sergsdale in the evening and were lodged in a hotel; Gazzuzz was to have his meeting with his business partner the following afternoon, after which he planned to visit some of the most prominent drug dealers at the black market.

  • He planned to deal a great deal of damage to his competitors and their channels, setting them back and boosting his brand in the process.
    “Get ready, we’re going somewhere.” Gazzuzz said.
    Rhythm and Melody looked at each other confusedly but had no choice but to obey Gazzuzz’s orders.“We’re visiting the black market. When we get there, just follow my signal.”
    The lovebirds had no idea of what to expect, but they knew whatever it was, they had no choice but to do it, otherwise, they would have to answer to Gazzuzz. When they arrived at the black market, Gazzuzz visited the business point of his competitors and, with the help of Rhythm and Melody, he was able to dismiss their security and destroy all their products on the market.

  • When he was satisfied that he had done enough damage, he decided that it was time to go back to Hartwood. It was Commander Pugz who first noticed that the couple was nowhere to be found.
    “They’re gone!”
    Gazzuzz was puzzled.
    “Those freaks, they’ve escaped.”
    Gazzuzz looked around and realized that they were not there.
    “They can’t have gone far. Find them now!”
    The men spread out and commenced the search for Rhythm and Melody but could not find them. Meanwhile, the couple was hiding at a safe distance away, looking at Gazzuzz and his men as they searched for them.
    “We’ll just wait until they leave and then we can skip town too.” Rhythm said.
    But their escape was not enough for Melody; she wanted more and she wasn’t going to leave without the money Gazzuzz had looted from the shops he wrecked.
    “Rhythm, we are going to need money to make our escape and create new lives for ourselves where Gazzuzz and his men will not be able to get us.”
    “I know, and we’re going to make as much money as we need.”
    “We could just take that money; it will set us up for life.” She said, pointing to Gazzuzz’s trunk.
    “You put us in this mess by stealing from Gazzuzz in the first instance and you still want to do it again and risk our escape and freedom? What in Ferna is wrong with you? I never wanted to do this from the scratch but you kept insisting. Let’s just go, Melody.”
    “I worked for this Rhythm; I will not let my hard work be feasted on by someone else. It’s best you follow my lead.” She commanded; Rhythm was livid.
    “You just shut up! You worked for what? You didn’t do anything; don’t you try to claim that money because it isn’t yours. And even if you did work for it, someone else can and will feast on it if that someone else is Gazzuzz. If you want to steal from him again, you go right ahead, but I won’t be a part of that; I’ve been dreaming of this day since I became his slave, and now that I’m free, not even you can jeopardize that.”
    Melody knew that was the end of the matter; she couldn’t make any move on the money without Rhythm.
    After searching for a while to no avail, Commander Pugz went back to Gazzuzz.
    “It would appear that they’ve escaped.”
    Gazzuzz gave a sinister laugh.
    “Interesting, they managed to trick me. Withdraw the men and let’s leave; I’m sure we’ll run into them again, eventually. For now, they’ve been so useful to me that I ought to have considered their debts paid, so I won’t make capturing them a priority.”
    The couple watched as Gazzuzz left with his men before coming out of hiding.
    “So, we’re free now; we will have to keep looking over our shoulders though, but at least we’re no longer slaves.”
    “Yes, baby. So, what now?”

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