Binary is one of the most popping worlds in the Chromescape, and its capital of Pulse is the crème-de-la-crème. Comprised of several impossibly tall skyscrapers housing all manner of shopping districts, penthouses, and nightclubs, citizens of Pulse pride themselves on being the first in line for the latest trends in wearable and virtual fashion. Information is the main currency of Pulse, and rumormongers compete with one another to get the ears of the top CEOs and tech giants. When citizens aren’t trying to climb the corporate ladder by divulging secrets and hacking opposing companies, they are socializing in the galaxy-famous bars and exclusive clubs that Pulse offers. Many of the hottest celebrities of the Toranius Empire got their start in Pulse, and it is many a karaoke bar singer or go-go dancer’s dream to become the next rising star. However, it is much more common to be stuck in the drudgery of poverty, as many of the residents in the lowest floors of the skyscraper slums can attest.


SNOWBLIND (pronounced “snow blind”) City

On the continent of Alancinai (“alan sin eye”), clinging halfway up Mount Hypernia (“hyper nee ah”), is the outpost of Snowblind. Functioning both as a final connecting point to the top of the mountain and a trading post to realms beyond, Snowblind is as important as it is dangerous. Frequent hailstorms, unending blizzards, and dreadful avalanches make living in Snowblind a constant dance with death, but the money that flows in from expeditions and merchants desperate to push their wares can be worth it to the right people. Mercenaries and Sherpas can be found in the various mead halls throughout the camps of Snowblind, but other entertainment is sparse. In a harsh environment where a small mistake can mean your death, there aren’t many opportunities for merriment, but twice a year one the merchant guilds team up to host a major dogsledding competition. This sport is known throughout all of Alancinai, and the winners of past competitions are regarded as legends among many of the homes of the region.


THE KRIMONIAN SANDPITS (“crim oh nyan”) Location

Not far from the capital city of Phalam, the Krimonian Sandpits are the home of the ancient Phalamian dynasty of Krimonia. However, the ziggurats and limestone buildings have long sunk into the caverns running underneath them, including a lion’s share of old riches. Many would be treasure-hunters have met their end in quicksand or by the hungry ghosts that lurk the underground ruins, but that doesn’t stop others from achieving their dreams of finding the motherlode. As a consequence of this, a permanent camp has been erected outside the sandpits, where adventures hire each other for help, trade treasure maps, and try to come on top with the prize. There are also several magicians that live in these camps, whose main roles are to disenchant any cursed objects that are dug up during expeditions, lest their discoverers meet a quick and very unfortunate end. In this way, much of Phalam is funded by a grey economy of would-be treasure hunters, ensuring a steady supply of money and able bodies into the region.



While the Chromescape is an orderly technological mecca, the Far Reaches are exactly what they sound like: far from civilization and with a loose relationship to the law. Comprised mostly of mining stations and dead-end planets, these colonies on the backwater end of the galaxy enjoy little attention from the Toranius Empire. While this allows them greater reign over their territories, it has major downsides too. Criminal gangs run almost everything, and some of the most infamous space pirates in the galaxy have their safe-havens hidden in the various debris fields littering the region. Unrest is omnipresent: the Last Outpost is threatening to have a large-scale worker revolt any day, and the less said about Void, the better. But for the criminals of the Far Reaches, the most troublesome development comes from envoys of the Toranius Empire, who are poking their noses into a recently discovered mega-deposit of Galadium ore, and seem keen on seizing it for the Empire.



A series of stations orbiting a cluster of planet fragments and meteorites, the Last Outpost is home to miners that extract whatever they can from the galaxy’s waste. Here, the sleek silicon of the rest of the universe is in short supply, its only evidence coming from the limbs and eyes of miners that have been replaced by cybernetic counterparts due to workplace accidents. Even the system’s star doesn’t reach this far into empty space, as acres of solar panels work to extract any light that they can, while the miners work in eternal twilight. Because of the gloomy surroundings and low morale, the space stations are prime destinations for traveling casinos, as the glitz and glamor of coins and neon lights are a welcome respite from the isolation. However, a current of discontent has been growing in the Last Outpost, and there is talk of a rebellion brewing between the miners and the corporations that own them.



Even the mention of Void sends a shiver down the spine of the roughest space pirate. Once a strategic military base, the entire planet was consumed by a passing cloud of antimatter decades ago, trapping everything on it in a pocket dimension. The denizens inside are locked in a hellish stasis, stuck somewhere between life and death—the physical and the metaphysical. Even now, the space-time where Void once existed sometimes leaks, during which fragments of the bygone planet become visible to the naked eye. But woe to the traveling adventurer who tries to snag a few trinkets—the denizens of Void have grown mad in their eternal prison, and with their madness has come hunger. And there are worrisome reports that the antimatter field around Void seems to be growing.


KALIDOCORNEA (“cali doe cornea”) Universe

Kalidocornea is a universe of fantastical and limitless possibilities.  Here, thought can be given form, and magic runs rich and vibrant through every river and tree. However, each realm is overall shaped by its strongest ruler, and these leaders have the biggest say in whether they live in a paradise, or rule a terrifying land with an iron fist. The Zelan Democracy, with its limitless food and golden sunsets, is an example of the former. But Werthvad’s (“worth vod”) horrifying monsters and tyrannical Merchant King suggest the latter. And every day, new worlds and creatures spring forth from the most visionary—and sometimes vile—minds.


ZELAN (“zel an”) World

The Zelan Democracy always strives to be first—first in intellect, first in invention, and first in generosity. There is no permanent ruler, rather, each citizen gets one week to create their perfect world from the Dreaming Well, and then to share it with the rest of the country. Of course, there are wards and cantrips put around the Dreaming Well to prevent anything too nasty, and regardless of what is created, it disappears at the end of the week, and the next temporary ruler starts their creation. Because of the limitless potential of the Dreaming Well, hunger and poverty are things of the distant past, so most Zelans spend their time inventing new magic or pursuing in the arts. War has not happened in Zelan for so long that even the most ancient relics of those times have collapsed into dust, and there is a perfect, everlasting peace. At least, that is, until the protection wards around the Dreaming Well are broken.



Imagine a place where time is both everywhere and nowhere at the same time. Welcome to Chronolia, a wild and wacky world where different timelines, timezones, and realities all collide. It's like a unified chaos - a place where order and disorder are best friends, but some people just can't handle the excitement. Seriously, the stress here can be enough to knock you off your feet.

Everywhere you look, there are portals and vanishing clocks that will make your head spin. And if you're not careful, you might age faster than a ripe banana. But don't worry, there are emergency locations that can reverse any unintended aging - if you can cross the multi-verse in time.

Living in Chronolia is not for the faint of heart. Some people have memories of things they never experienced or see things that aren't real. But for those brave enough to take on the challenge, it's a world full of adventure and excitement. So come on in, but be warned - time may never be the same again!


Ryft Location in Chronolia 

Ryft is a unique location that exists outside the normal boundaries of space and time. It is a place where multiple time periods and time zones intersect, creating a chaotic and unpredictable environment. In some areas time moves faster or slower than in others, resulting in strange and disorienting experiences for those who enter.

There are also areas in Ryft where time seems to stand still, and others where time moves in unpredictable and irregular patterns. These areas are known to cause psychological distress in some people, leading to symptoms such as confusion, disorientation, and even madness.

Despite its inherent dangers, Ryft is also a place of great fascination for scientists, philosophers, and adventurers alike. The unique properties of time in Ryft offer a wealth of opportunities for exploration and discovery, as well as for philosophical and scientific inquiry into the nature of time itself.

However, navigating the complex and ever-changing landscape of Ryft requires great skill and caution, as the dangers posed by the unpredictable nature of time can be severe. Only those with a deep understanding of the nature of time and a strong will can hope to survive and thrive in this strange and fascinating location.


A series of rolling hills and verdant glens on the outskirts of Zelan’s capital city, the Pufflands are known for two things: the laid-back nature of its people, and the enthusiasm that said people have for the growing of Eureka Leaf. The Pufflands by far have the best conditions to grow Eureka Leaf, a plant that when smoked produces effects similar to tobacco, albeit with minor sedative and hallucinogenic properties. People of the Pufflands consider it a point of personal pride to grow the biggest and strongest strains, and every year there is a competition where farmers show off their results. Outside of Eureka Leaf cultivation, the Pufflands are also known for their exquisite farm-to-table restaurants, as well as their intelligent nonhuman races: fairies, goblins, and dwarves. The fairie people are particularly popular with tourists, as their towns and cities under the hills are renowned for their stupendous galas and stunning works of art. It is easy to see the Pufflands as a perfect place, but all is not as it seems in paradise—recently, the goblins and dwarves have been shelving their differences to work toward a common goal, a goal that might just spell the end of the Pufflands’ peace.


FERNA Location

A highly distinctive location that is notorious for its scorching temperatures, which can reach up to an astonishing 11,000 degrees Fahrenheit. This fiery environment is often likened to the depths of hell, and it is thought to be a realm of karmic retribution, where individuals who have committed heinous acts in their past lives are forced to confront the consequences of their actions.

While some inhabitants of Ferna are able to escape, many others are unable to withstand the intense heat and are left to endure the torment, which often causes them to become desperate for redemption. The journey to rehabilitation is not an easy one, but many are driven to seek a better life and strive to atone for their misdeeds.

The demons who preside over Ferna take great pleasure in the suffering of the sinners and use various forms of torture to punish them for their transgressions. While the environment may seem like a nightmarish hellscape, there are those who seek to escape their past and strive for a better future.

The gates of Ferna bear a striking resemblance to those of hell, and entering this realm is a daunting and often terrifying prospect. Those who are imprisoned in Ferna are the most egregious offenders, and they are subject to the same torment that they once inflicted on others. Yet even in this unforgiving environment, there is always the possibility of redemption, and the hope of a brighter future can serve as a guiding light for those who are willing to fight for it.