Aghnia is a striking robot adorned with numerous wires, cords, and connections that symbolize the overwhelming amount of information and data that surrounds her. Her beautiful appearance is juxtaposed by her robotic features, serving as a reminder of the inhumanity and artificiality that can accompany technology.

    Aghnia's VR headset or goggles on her face suggest that she is constantly connected to the digital world, perhaps to the point of being unable to disconnect. Despite her robotic appearance, Aghnia retains many human features that remind us of the importance of our humanity in the face of technological advancement.

    The pink orb of energy behind Aghnia perhaps represents the potential power or danger that can come from our relationship with technology. The glitch and error lines on the 3 TVs suggest the prevalence of fake news and censorship in the media, perhaps indicating that Aghnia is a victim of these forces.