Rebellious, brave and very angry. She was a young noblewoman, part of a very rich and powerful family. Being so despised in her own family, she decided to escape to the sea, to seek adventures like her in her storybooks.

    Although she was very strong and brave, she messed with the wrong people. She ended up losing an eye in a saber fight against a much-feared pirate captain, and he captured her as a prisoner. Due to her great bravery and skills, she soon earned the crew's respect, especially when she saved the ship from an encounter with a gigantic crab.

    In this encounter, she lost her hand, but her crewmates made her a grappling hook out of part of the crab she had defeated. They made her the captain of the ship, and in her voyages she was able to retrieve her eye, replacing it with a robotic eye.

    She became a feared enemy of trading ships and warships, plundering their cargoes. She was not satisfied with just having wealth, but she also wanted to have power. She thus began to study ancient magic to improve her combat and navigation skills. Over time, she became an expert in sorcery and became known as "The Sea Witch".