The seeds of Bannacis were first planted through the founder, Jacob, and his desire to run his own business as well as his interests in horticulture, planting mulberry trees, blueberry bushes, and other flora; a love for cannabis culture, for its laid-back nature; and passion for artwork, from watching trading card game cartoons like Pokémon and Yu-Gi-Oh as a kid. Cultivating all of these interests, Jacob has since nurtured his business Bannacis into a full-fledged brand of fresh fits.

Here, you can find apparel dedicated to the strains you live and burnout by. The Bannacis multiverse welcomes everyone—not only with clothes in various styles for all kinds of people, but it also encompasses a cast of more than 150 characters most inspired by iconic MJ strains and created by over 50 artists. 

With more shirts and characters’ stories on the way, come be a part of the multiverse of Bannacis as it expands through the cosmos!

Bannacis Multiverse 

Welcome to Bannacis, a magical, herbaceous multiverse that brings the Bannacins like Golden Goat, Hippie Chicken, and Pink Flamingo—and other anthropomorphic characters. Many often inspired by iconic cannabis strain names. Follow them on their toked-out adventures big and small! Stay tuned for more!! 

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