Kindal has very different child right from birth. His mother was pregnant for 14 months and she died immediately after giving birth to him. Spies from the secret organization had caught wind of the situation and quickly transported him to the temple. On his arrival, there was a great disagreement among the masters, with one side pushing that the child be killed immediately, and another side believing he should be spared and allowed to grow under their guidance. In the end, he was allowed to stay and develop his abilities. Besides combat skills, he can also teleport between short distances. He spent 25 years there, a period in which he developed his abilities to the maximum, while occasionally inflicting serious injuries on the other disciples. It was so bad that nobody wanted to be paired with him during training sessions. Concerns grew among the leaders and they decided to limit his power by performing a ‘curb ritual’. Kinda found out about their plan and escaped from the temple, but not before killing one master and injuring another. Ever since then, he has become a one-man mercenary, offering his services to just about anyone who is capable of coughing out his massive pay. Kindal is definitely one of the most dangerous beings out there. The only problem he has is Jada, another disciple from the temple, who seems to always somehow track him down wherever he goes, sometimes even jeopardizing his missions.


    Kindal and Jada are disciples of an ancient secret organization that trains and mentors gifted individuals on how to master their abilities and use them for good. The organization has eyes and ears in every corner of the multiverse, enabling them to know when and where there might be a person of interest. The secret organization is dedicated to the Space Queen, Beth, and her specially trained and talented guards are handpicked from this organization.
    Jada and Kindal are both good-looking, but that’s really all they have in common. Jada is kind-hearted and gentle, the favorite disciple of every master. Kindal on the other hand has always had a dark soul. The masters knew this from the moment he was brought in as a child, but they had hoped they could help him become a good person. However, he proved them wrong when he killed one of the masters and escaped from the temple. Jada was then given the sole assignment of following him wherever he went across the multiverse to prevent him from doing any damage.