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Dark Knight & Amnesia's Adventures


You may wonder how these two ended up here...

Well, let's go back to when it all started.

Dark Knight and Amnesia are two best friends, they live in a manor house outside the city Bannacis* and they spend a lot of their time together. One major thing they have in common is their forever love for weed. 

Dark Knight is still a college student - I know, who still goes to college these days - He’s a very social guy, fun to be around, less mature, and crazy. He always likes to cause trouble, and somehow, he gets away with it. People love to hang out with Dark Knight as he is considered to be popular. He always flexes with his small dragon, Baby D, that he often uses as a lighter and for fire shows, and all the good stuff he can get from Amnesia.

Amnesia on the other hand, well, he’s very different from Dark Knight. 

Amnesia is an older sorcerer and a scientist - a dangerous combination, I know. He has a special workshop for his experiments. Amnesia is more serious, smart, and responsible. He always gets Dark Knight out of his troubles and he knows well how to beat him for every problem he causes, and somehow, Dark Knight never learns from his mistakes. Amnesia is more introverted and likes to spend most of his time in the house. Experimenting with his weed to create new strains, or come up with new ways to get higher is his ultimate pleasure.

- Sometimes, I wonder to myself, how do they even get along after all these years??? They are clearly two different persons. *

For example, Dark Knight loves to go out and hang out with others, flirt with people, and just be all over the place, while with Amnesia, he enjoys more staying inside at his workshop, or chilling with Dark Knight when he is home. Sometimes, Dark Knight forces Amnesia to leave the house and enjoy the outside world just because he spends too much time inside.

Well, who am I to judge? I’m just here to narrate the story.


Let's talk about how each of these two stoners starts their day.

Let's start with Amnesia.

Amnesia is an early bird. He wakes up at 7 AM while Dark Knight is still snoring in the other room. He levitates himself from the bed and goes to the bathroom. Afterward, he casts Water to take a shower, wash his hair, body, and brush his teeth when he’s about to finish.

After he is done from the bathroom, Amnesia levitates himself back to his room to dry his hair -of course, he doesn’t use a hairdryer, he’s a sorcerer remember?
With one hand he dries his hair and with the other one, he prepares two joints, one for himself and the other for Dark Knight when he wakes up. -Such a good friend we all need.

Before he attempts to smoke, Amnesia takes himself to the kitchen to prepare breakfast -of course, he’s not crazy to smoke on an empty stomach.

Since Amnesia is responsible for the house, he prepares most of the meal for both him and Dark Knight.

He starts by making coffee, getting some toast ready, and preparing the breakfast table. Amnesia is very organized and loves everything to be well done.
He proceeds to have breakfast while still hearing Dark Knight snoring.

“Such a lazy dude” Amnesia chuckles every morning on the breakfast table.

After he finishes, he goes to the balcony with his half-empty cup of coffee to enjoy his very fine joint to get started with the day.

“Another beautiful morning, another fine joint!” he says after he takes the first hit from his joint.

He enjoys his first-morning joint alone on the balcony, then he goes to wake up Dark Knight.

“Alright, time to wake his lazy a** out of the bed”

That’s how usually Amnesia begins his morning.

Now let's talk about Dark Knight.

As we all know, Dark Knight is such a lazy bum. He spends all night getting high and playing his favorite franchise: Dark Souls*. While Amnesia usually goes to bed earlier. -Did I forget to mention that Dark Knight is a gamer?

Dark Knight mornings are very simple, he usually oversleeps until he gets struck by Amnesia lightning; that is his way of waking Dark Knight from sleep, otherwise, he might never wake up. Sometimes, it takes a couple of strikes before he actually gets up. When he does, he immediately looks for the joint that he knows Amnesia rolled for him and lights it up. 

Meanwhile, Baby D is still asleep in his room.

“Everyone needs a friend like you Amnesia” he reminds him of that every morning just because he always gets his morning joint ready.

“Yeah yeah, enough talking, and go get yourself ready for today.” Amnesia declares.

Dark Knight sparkles his first joint on an empty stomach -like the crazy guy that he is, and they proceed to have a conversation together.

Dark Knight: “Wake and bake baby! What’s up Amnesia, you slept well?”

Amnesia: “Except for the snoring and thanks to my powers, I did, yeah. How was your night?”   

Dark Knight: “You know me too well buddy” he laughs. “You know I’ve been playing this new game that I picked and It’s so difficult to progress in. I got stuck on this annoying boss that I couldn’t beat, which made me go to bed early. Besides that, you know, just regular stuff.”

Amnesia: “I see, still just wasting your time and playing those video games. Well, you got studies to focus on as well and you know what will happen if you fail.”

Dark Knight: “Yeah yeah, I know. How many times do you have to remind me of that? Don’t worry, I got this. Besides, my exams are not soon so, more chill and relaxing.”

Amnesia: “Well, if you say so. Say, you want to get to town today?”

Dark Knight: “Whoa, AMNESIA IS ACTUALLY ASKING ME TO GO OUTSIDE? Is this the end of the world?”

Amnesia gave Dark Knight a look and just before he was about to strike him with lightning Dark Knight said:

“Wow easy buddy, I was just kidding. It’s just rare when you ask me to go out”

Amnesia: “Well you know I got stuff to do as well. I have a workshop that every now and then I need to get materials for so yeah. I also wanted to check out that new Alchemy/Weed* shop that opened in Bannacis. So what do you say, you go have breakfast first and get ready to meet me at the front door.”

Dark Knight: “Alrighty then! I’ll just check on Baby D and be right back with you.”

Amnesia: “I’ll be waiting”



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